Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail

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Smashed out 60 kilometres and had an absolutely beautiful time doing it, riding up the Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail, a disused railway that’s had its tracks uprooted and fine gravel laid down to provide a pretty wicked little biking/walking/horse trail.

I started in Skipton, and immediately the view was magnificent. Rolling hills, state forests, plenty of magpies and kookaburras, at one time I had a little family of kangaroos hopping along the path with me as I rode!! I nearly fell off the bike scrambling for my phone but alas, it’ll have to remain in the memory bank.

I pushed pretty hard, and finished the entire trail from go to whoa, then by the time I got home from the finishing point in Western Ballarat I’d knocked out 60 kilometres in about a minute shy of 3 hours straight.

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