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One Girl yesterday told me I had been officially accepted as a One Girl Ambassador, which is exciting news indeed! It means a little bit more support and help with fundraising, and a chance to get even more involved in this thing!

I’m quite honoured and proud, really, and was even prouder when speaking to their ambassador coordinator, Gemma: when I told her I’d already raised $1,500! That of course is all due to everybody who has donated money, worn a dress with me, donated their artwork for sale or otherwise helped out, so thanks guys, it was a pretty cool moment.

I’ve been quietly chugging along with my training over the past few weeks, and although I’ve gone somewhat quiet with the fundraising for the moment — expect “Wave 2” in mid-to-late July — that doesn’t mean I’ve been distracted. I am leaving for a long-planned and long-overdue family holiday next week, but will upkeep my training whilst on holiday and send you whatever updates I can.

Ambassador Spock from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Another great Ambassador