Mid-way struggles

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It’s now less than six weeks until my ride, and although I’m still very much on track to depart on the 23 September, and much of my planning has so far borne fruit, I must admit that the past few weeks have been a bit of a struggle.

I guess it was always inevitable with such a long lead-up time — I started planning this ride back in February! — that I would suffer periods of ‘flatness’, suffering some slight motivation struggles and the usual noise/chaos that life sometimes throws at us. I went on holiday a few weeks ago, which was fantastic for my mental health but not so much for the physical fitness, but that’s OK, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things now and am on an upward momentum again.

We’ve also had some local personal issues in the last 2–3 weeks which have meant I couldn’t fundraise and keep you all updated as much as I wanted to, so apologies for that. Hopefully over the next 4–6 weeks I can make up the slack and hit the road full steam on Monday 23 September! As an aside, if you’re free/would like to come and see me off, I’ll be posting soon with my planned ‘departure times’ from both Melbourne on the Monday and Ballarat on Tuesday 24 September, and would love the support! Stay tuned…