Getting everything packed and ready to go!

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With just a few days left to go until I depart, I’m putting together all my kit, just like Santa Claus I’m making my list and checking it twice.

The photo above is my kit without clothing, i.e. everything EXCEPT my clothing duffel bag and my kitchen items (which, of course, are in the kitchen and I’ll put these together on Sunday night).

Necessary items

  • Hammock, underquilt and suspension lines
  • Plenty of rope and tarps
  • 4 Klean Kanteens (both large and small, insulated and not)
  • 10L MSR Dromedary water bladder
    See Mum! I’m not gonna die of thirst, relax…
  • Spare tubes for bike tyres
  • Hiking stove and gas cylinder
  • Compact pots and pans, titanium cutlery, enamel mug and a collapsible bowl
  • Toilet paper
    You can last 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, but toilet paper…
  • Sleeping bag and thermal liner
  • Hatchet and firelighting materials
  • Bushman repellent

Luxury/frivolous/silly items

  • Tobacco and pipe
  • A good book
  • Minipresso coffee maker
    Roughin’ it…
  • Scrubba washbag
  • Solar panel and battery pack for electronics
  • Fishing rod and tackle for those inshore blue marlin
  • Camera with extra battery and a Gorillapod