Day 7: A hangover to Coonalpyn

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I woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover, but nothing too bad, and got my laundry done pretty early. I wandered around town for a while, checking out the Bordertown train station, a stop for the Overland Train I’ll be taking back to Melbourne this coming Friday, and was saddened at how run-down and in need of maintenance the neglected but beautiful heritage station was.

I popped by the IGA (called Foodland in SA) for some bananas and Powerade, then visited the house Bob Hawke was born in, which was just down the road from the Bordertown Hotel. With all that done, it was still only 0830, hehehe, Bordertown is a nice little town and I really liked it, but it’s not overly big.

0930 came and I got my bike out of the locked shed, said goodbye to the hotel, then hit the road. My worry about the time quickly disappeared as the terrain was fairly flat, and I made good time at about 21 kph average. The countryside here is beautiful, slightly barren and sparse but I like that kind of country, and I enjoyed the ride immensely. I stopped at Keith for some lunch, and Ki Ki for a rest stop.

Otherwise I pretty uneventfully made it to Coonalpyn by about 1630, where I took some photos of the painted silo mural, now a relatively-famous local landmark and tourist attraction. I was betting all the way here today that there’d be a café or roadhouse near the silo called the Coonalpyn Silo Café/Roadhouse/etc, and I wasn’t disappointed!

I was disappointed, however, at receiving my first really negative response to my school-dress-clad journey: I’d parked my bike in front of the silo, taken some photos, then sat down for a quick breather just as an elderly couple pulled up in between my bike and I, to take a photo themselves. I asked the male driver if he wanted me to move my bike so they could get a clean shot, to which he replied, “No, no, no! Fuck off you bloody f****t! What the fuck are you?!”. I just said “No thanks will do” and his wife admonished his rudeness and vulgarity, but it still left a bad taste as it’s the first negative response in nearly a week. I guarantee this bastard voted ‘no’ in the same-sex marriage plebiscite. Anyway…

Crossed the road to the Coonalpyn Hotel, where the lovely proprietors gave me a free room and I had a nice wood-fired pizza and a beer. Some great locals donated about $40 to the charity as well, which helped restore the faith a little.

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