Day 9: Resting in Murray Bridge

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Today was scheduled as a rest and recovery day, to allow me to

  1. recover from the past eight day’s journey, and
  2. rest in preparation for tomorrow, which might turn out to be the hardest day’s ride yet.

So I stayed another day at the Murray Bridge Marina & Caravan Park on Roper Road, Murray Bridge. The park generously provided me with one night’s free accommodation if I stayed for two (i.e. half price) to support the charity ride.

With nothing planned for the day, I spent my time fishing down by the Murray River, reading No Friend But The Mountains by Behrouz Boochani in my hammock, doing my laundry and eating the rest of my provisions, and re-packing my bike and trailer for tomorrow’s last leg.

I also received some interest in a newspaper article from local journalist Peri Strathearn, of the Murray Valley Standard. He came out to the caravan park at about 1530 and interviewed me about my ride and the charity, etc. It was a nice chat, and Peri struck me as quite a decent guy. We took some photos in my school dress and bike and then I changed again and settled back into the day’s rest.

I didn’t catch any fish today, but thoroughly enjoyed myself and am nice and relaxed, and about to cook up my dinner and spend another evening by the communal campfire at the park.

In this blog post:

A day of rest

Today was scheduled as a day off to prepare for tomorrow's big climb over the Adelaide Hills and to the finish line!