The Ride

Day 5: The silent ‘h’ in Nhill


I set out from Dimboola and before long reached Loch Iel, more commonly known as the Pink Lake. This salt pan is home to a type of algae that reacts to the sun by showing a pink hue, making the entire lake varying shades of pink depending on time of year, sun position, etc. It was very beautiful…


Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail


Smashed out 60 kilometres and had an absolutely beautiful time doing it, riding up the Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail, a disused railway that’s had its tracks uprooted and fine gravel laid down to provide a pretty wicked little biking/walking/horse trail.


Mt. Buninyong Climb


Headed out to Mt. Buninyong this afternoon for a strong climb, 340 metres in 27ºC, then home along Yankee Flat Road, where very sadly, a kookaburra flew into the path of an oncoming car and was killed.